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  Dallas, Texas Defense Attorney Specializing in
Business Disputes, Contract Disputes,
Notes and Credit Card Debt

Board Certified Civil Trial Law, Texas Board of Legal Specialization, since 1989
Certified Civil Trial and Pretrial Specialist, National Board of Trial Advocacy, since 1990
Elected Member, American Board of Trial Advocates, since 1990

Sued for a Business Dispute or Debt in Dallas County?

If you are suffering from difficulties with a former business associate, creditor harassment, or being sued for debt that is not yours, particularly by a bank or credit card company, Dallas attorney Robert M. Clark will defend your interests. Credit card companies, banks, private college loan lenders, and debt buyers focus on getting your money and can be very aggressive in pursuit of their case against you, whether you actually owe them or not. Maybe you are sued under a credit card or other contract that you never saw or signed. Maybe an old account of yours was sold to some debt buyer half a country away. That debt buyer may not be aware your account was already paid or was so old that the statute of limitations has run out. Maybe your card was stolen or someone used your identity to make purchases under your name. Maybe you have a dispute with a former business associate. No matter what the case, Robert M. Clark will fight for you in court to fend off debt collectors and any other Plaintiffs to defend your interests.
If you are being sued by a bank, former business associate, collector, or credit card company, Robert M. Clark of the Eddleman & Clark law firm will stand by your side. Mr. Clark provides exceptional debt litigation representation to clients throughout Dallas County. He and his experienced legal team will answer your debt questions and protect your interests.

Mr. Clark can help with some common circumstances that lead to contract or debt lawsuits:

  • bullet point Improper record keeping by creditors
  • bullet point Debt buyers pursuing you on contested or old debt
  • bullet point Debt buyers chasing you on accounts you have already paid
  • bullet point Disagreements with landlords or former business associates
  • bullet point Identity theft
  • bullet point Family or friends using your credit card
  • bullet point Ex-spouses running up large bills


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The Plaintiff suing you may not be concerned whether or not you know your rights and may in fact count on you to do nothing about your case. Once served, you have very few days to file a response with the court where the lawsuit was filed. If you do not file a response, the Plaintiff could get a judgment against you and potentially garnish your bank accounts.

Robert M. Clark is board certified in civil trial law and has years of experience defending individuals and businesses just like you or your business. You have rights, and he is here to protect them.

Mr. Clark will personally handle your legal defense and has saved his clients a considerable amount of money in Dallas County lawsuits. His board certification, experience, and ability to achieve excellent results are the things that set him apart. There are countless law firms and other agencies advertising similar services, but when your income or your bank account is at stake, experience matters.

Robert M. Clark was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. He attended Hillcrest High School and is an Eagle Scout. He earned his Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Texas at Austin, a Master of Business Administration from Southern Methodist University, and a Juris Doctor from Oklahoma City University. He has practiced law in Dallas, Texas in the same location for thirty years, has been elected as a member of the American Board of Trial Advocates since 1990 and as a president of the Greater Oak Cliff Bar Association, as well as being a member of the bar of the United States Supreme Court. He is a dedicated attorney specializing in defending individuals and businesses from all types of debt lawsuits, including from banks, former business associates, debt collectors, credit card companies, and their attorneys.